Board Of Directors


Convention Chair

Treble Vandoren (Corey Wood)

Treble, a 28-year-old long time convention event planner from Kenosha, Wisconsin, joined the furry fandom in 2013 as a part of Lemonbrat as the Business Manager, and soon after debuted Treble in December of 2015 at MFF. Treble has been in the convention scene since 2007, staffing and running various anime, MLP conventions, and now dabbling in the furry convention scene, creating the company, Corgi Events LLC just shortly before finishing his degree in Business Administration - Finance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Treble’s notable conventions are Anime Milwaukee, serving as the Convention Chair for 7 years and bringing in 10,000 to Milwaukee annually, and Ponyville Ciderfest, a 4th year MLP con with 1,100 annual attendance and counting. Treble, in his free time (ha, free time), enjoys playing the sax and having the occasional cocktail (what Wisconsinite doesn’t!)
Twitter: @TrebleVandoren
Facebook: @TrebleVandoren
Email: [email protected]

Vice-Convention Chair

Axel (Alex Hickey)

Axel, 26, a 10-year veteran in Convention Operations and Safety from Baraboo, Wisconsin, joined the convention scene in 2008 with Anime Central. Currently a student of Criminal Justice at Madison Area Technical College, Axel has been a security officer for eight years. He has always thought of safety above all else, for himself and those around him. This is a big motivator for him to study Criminal Justice and join AquatiFur as the Convention Operations Director. In his spare time, he loves to play video games, build things, and help out in his community by donating time to local parks and public work. And of course, drinking.
Facebook: Axel


Director of Events

Wolfletech (Tyler Letlebo)

Wolfletech, a 24-year-old from Fall River, Wisconsin (free extra hug to whoever has been in that village!), joined the fandom in 2015. With a degree in Information Technology Management and a Computer Science minor from University of Wisconsin-Stout, Wolfletech has been performing event planning for 10 years now in various levels from High School Student Council to being on the Board of Directors for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. Event planning is one thing Wolf has always had a passion for and has continued to plan various events for the Wisconsin Fur Community, from public romps around Madison, to the annual Wisconsin Wilderness Campout held in August. Wolfletech in his free time (and I agree with Treble here, Ha!) loves to volunteer and help out both the community of the fandom and his hometown community! He is also the rare Wisconsinite that doesn’t drink! (Points to Treble’s description above!)
Twitter: @Wolfletech7
Email: [email protected]

Director of Operations


Skittles has been in the convention scene since 2013 starting at ACen. She has been to a few conventions since then, like Anime Milwaukee. She is a recent furry and has been in this fandom since Aquatifur 2017. In her spare time she draws, games, works as a dispatcher, and looks for adoptable dogs (she already has one, but more is better!). Of course you might find her out at a bar drinking, and eating cheese curds, too. Fun fact: She loves sushi!
Twitter: @Quesadilla9092
Email: [email protected]

PR Director

Sky (Skylar N.)

Sky is a 22-year-old longtime convention volunteer from Chicago. She has been a furry for at least a decade and yet only recently did she finally make a fursona, a lavender maned wolf. She has volunteered for years at many Chicago based anime and furry cons under various roles. Sky currently works in IT and outside of work is pursuing her hobbies in photography and music. She also spends a lot of her time volunteering and making things at a non-profit makerspace in Chicago called Pumping Station: One. (Also, her icon is by @lizardsnot!)
Twitter: @Skykanaya
Email: [email protected]